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Freestanding Tubs

New Yorker Bathtub
New Yorker Dual Tub
The New Yorker is an elegantly designed freestanding tub. The designer curves make this bath simple yet striking and stands out above the rest. Includes integrated center drain.
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Priced From: $1,895.00

Californian Freestanding Bath
Californian Freestanding Bath
An alternative to the standard bath tub. The Desire freestanding tub was developed to provide comfort and function to your bath. Long sensuous curves, simple sweeping lines, and a gorgeous stylish design that makes the classic slipper shape as contemporary as the most modern bathroom. Complete with a pre fitted waste. A bath that you will long to enjoy.
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Priced From: $1,769.00

Carolina Oval Dual Ended Tub
Luxurious bathing complimented by design perfection. The Carolina Freestanding Tub will add style to any bathroom. Beautifully hand crafted it will compliment and complete any bathroom suite. Minimalist excellence in a freestanding product.
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Priced From: $1,795.00

Bostonian Slipper Bath Tub
Simple lines make this bath the perfect addition to any bathroom. A contemporary feel for your bathroom design. Sometimes the simplest things are the best. This slanted back freestanding tub gives you all the style and sophistication you need in curvaceous, smooth design. Comfortable, clean and striking - a great package.
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Priced From: $1,750.00

Panama Dual Ended Bathtub
Panama Dual Ended Oval Tub
Modern architecture Inspired by imagination. The Panama tub captures the zen look with grace. This freestanding tub is a centerpeice for great design ideas and are constructed with confidence. Graceful curves, designer minimalism and sheer luxury brought together to create a simply sumptuous, one-piece bath complete with a pre fitted waste.
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Priced From: $1,595.00

Floridian Freestanding Bath
Floridian Freestaning Bath Tub
Enjoy luxury with practicallity. The Floridian Freestanding Tub is european styling at it's best. The Floridian Can bring any bathroom to life. Modern contours combined with sensuous, smooth, comfortable curves to create a stunning statement complete with pre fitted waste. You will not believe your eyes when you see this in your bathroom.
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Priced From: $1,550.00

Paris Slipper Tub
Paris Contemporary Slilpper Tub
Stunning straight lines provide a truly contemporary look, and gently sloping angles make this modern freestanding tub exceptionally comfortable and stylish. Simply a unique and luxurious bathing experience. The sensuous curves and comfort combine to create the perfect bath for complete relaxation with a wow factor. Comes complete with pre fitted waste.
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Priced From: $1,695.00

Soho Rectangular Bath Tub
A modern bathroom is a retreat and should be a place where you can unwind. The Soho Freestanding Tub features a simple design with elegance. We believe that stunning Freestanding Tubs are for everyone, and this clean-lined one-piece proves our point. Designed to fit almost any size bathroom, it plays the starring role in your bathroom quite beautifully.
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Priced From: $1,595.00

Harmony Freestanding Oval Bath Tub
The graceful curves and gently rounded ends brought together with sleek clean lines makes this Freestanding Tub a real haven. A Stylish statement from a Freestanding Tub . Comes complete with pre fitted waste.
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Priced From: $3,675.00

Symphony Tub
Symphony Freestanding Tub
This beautiful creation will add style to any bathroom with it's minimalist excellence for a freestanding Tub. Possibly one of our most popular contemporary flat top baths and understandably so, with its smooth, contemporary lines and simple style. The comfort and class speaks for itself. Complete with a pre fitted waste.
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Priced From: $1,395.00

Art Deco Bathtub
Art Deco Freestanding Bath
A modern masterpiece for those who desire a contemporary feel to the bathroom. Simple yet elegant lines compliment this work of art. Complete with its plinth it will add the finishing touch to any bathroom design. Bold lines give this flat-top contemporary freestanding bath a beautiful look and sumptuous comfort with the added elegance of a stepped plinth.
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Priced From: $1,899.00

Escape Dual End  Bath

Escape Dual End Freestanding Tub
The Escape freestanding tub is a true design for modern architecture. Creative possibilities are endless with the tub as your bathroom centerpeice. Sleek slanted ends create the ultimate comfort when soaking.
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Priced From: $1,875.00

Indiana Freestanding Tub

Indiana Oval Freestanding Tub
Simplicity at its finest. Clean rounded ends makes this Freestanding Tub ideal as a show piece in your home. The shorter length makes it easier to install into smaller bathrooms. Comes with integrated waste & overflow.
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Priced From: $1,750.00

Orient Contemporary Oval Bath Tub
The Orient Bath has a natural flow in its freestanding design. It's appearance is striking and delightful. Tub includes a pre-installed waste & Overflow with chrome finish. Submit yourself in complete relaxation with the Orient.
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Priced From: $1,725.00

Emperor Freestanding Tub
Emperor Freestanding Tub
A Classic Freestanding Slipper Tub that leaves nothing to the imagination. The Emperor is developed to provide a generous amount of comfort with a supportive high back. The clean freestanding design has a clear smooth surface inside and out.
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Priced From: $2,625.00

Boat Freestanding Tub
Boat Freestanding Tub
A freestanding double slipper Boat Tub sitting on its own plinth gives a great mixture of traditional and contemporary design. You will be at home with this comfortable tub that gives a great feeling of style and quality. Another work of bathroom art with confidence in the design.
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Priced From: $2,325.00

Saturn Freestanding Tub
The Saturn is an elegantly designed freestanding tub. The back of the Saturn Bath is designed to fit flush against the wall to give a little extra living space. This simple yet striking back to wall tub frees up much needed space and outshines dull standard fixed baths.
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Priced From: $2,607.00